Special Guests

Mark Mocahbee

Mark Mocahbee is the Chair of the Acting For Film Program at the New York Film Academy South Beach and the Artistic Director of Just The Funny Theatre, an award-winning improvisational theatre company in South Florida. He has worked as a professional actor, improviser, director, writer, editor and producer for over 40 years. Mark has worked with artists such as Edward Albee, Barry Levinson, Dustin Hoffman, Joe Pesci, Jon Jory, David Petrarca and Rebecca Miller. He holds a B.S. in Motion Pictures and Theatre and an M.F.A. in Screenwriting from The University of Miami.

Guests (Sold Out)

Adventure Start

Adventure Start Summary: A young farm boy who wants to become the greatest adventurer like his father one day, but ends up partying with a sadistic healer, a gentle berserker, a drunken ranger, a suicidal animorphy necromancer, and an elf bard. Together all these individuals venture across the land, taking one quest at a time, but what lies into the unknown journey.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADVENTURESTART

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ADV3NTURE_START

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adventurestart/


Alienphant is a fashion brand that provides visual entertainment, as well as, wardrobe management, and custom costume pieces for the film industry, the entertainment industry, public and private clients. Driven by the creative professional, Loritza Castillo, Alienphant features fashion technology and L.E.D. wearables. Alienphant is not dominated by one genre, but rather embraces the idea of gathering influence from various trends and fashion staples to create something new that is a mix of rave, goth, pop, lolita, kawaii culture, and punk. Nothing is off limits.


Andrea Ordoñez is a Printmaking Artist who tries to take blockprinting to the next level. All of her work is handmade and handprinted, from her prints, stamps, and shirts! Her work is inspired by Pokemon and Star Wars, along with other franchises.

Instagram: andiius
TikTok: andiius
Twitter: andiiusprints

Dark Shadows Arts

Hello! I’m Karen Dolk, the artist behind Dark Shadows Arts. My specialty art blends vintage inspired techniques with modern designs. Each piece of bubble glass silhouette art is handcrafted and unique!

Facebook @ Dark Shadows Arts


Emiknight is a new professional illustrator, manga artist, and writer getting herself out there to the convention communities. Bringing you lots of merch from Genshin Impact, Overwatch and new anime series. As well as kawaii plush keychains that will make you smile!

Website: emiuchiha20.wixsite.com

Enzos Studio

Enzo is a Pop Culture Vector Artist who combines his Graphic Design skills with his nerdy side to create art in the form of Stickers, T-shirts, and Prints. His work covers a wide range of Pop Culture characters which brings joy to people from all ages and backgrounds.

Instagram: enzosstudio

Youtube: enzosstudio
Sticker Shop: enzo.
TikTok: enzosstudio


George Moss, aka “Gmoss“, a multi-talented creator began his career working in the fashion industry as a technical illustrator sketching clothing for Perry Ellis International. As he grew working for different companies in the fashion industry, he used his lunch breaks to sketch characters, clothing, and stories about his future novel, The Chronicles of Ann & Lo™.  In 2005, his passion for fashion and comics led him to create his family-owned company, Gmoss Designs, LLC. Thus, Gmoss Designs launched his urban/anime influenced clothing line and novel based on his story, “The Chronicles of Ann & Lo™”.
Facebook: gmossdesign
Instagram: gmossdesign
Twitter: gmossdesign

Hailee Bergman

Hailee Bergman is from Plantation, FL. She is a senior at Florida Atlantic University majoring in studio art. Hailee Bergman has been selling her art at comic cons all over South Florida for 10 years. She has also been a panelist and presenter at multiple comic conventions for 5 years. She is inspired by movies, tv shows, books, video games, and tabletop role playing games. Hailee is a multimedia artistcreating digital art as well as using multiple forms of traditional art. She enjoys creating art for everyone.

Instagram: hb_artsy_art

Hpaint customs

Hpaint customs is dedicated to creating sustainable artwork for all your favorite fandoms. Using recycled materials, she creates glass paintings, acrylic on canvas’, manga canvases, and skate decks. And carcinogen soy wax candles.

Instagram: hpaintcustoms

Jeff Carrol

A writer, comic book creator and filmmaker.  He is pioneering what he calls Hip Hop horror, Sci/fi, and fantasy. His stories always have lots of action and a social edge. He has written and produced 6 films, several comic books and over 15 science fiction and nonfiction books. His short stories have appeared in The Black Science Fiction Society’s anthology and their magazine as well as other anthologies.

Jeff produces The Monster Panel a traveling sci-fi panel which features writers of color in a lively discussion of comic books, movies and Black people.  His comic book series Horror Streetz features a variety of black horror stories. He has written in novel, film and comic books. He is also is the Hip Hop dating coach is a leading voice of Hip Hop reform and his book The Hip Hop Dating Guide is used by public schools and community groups nationwide.

Jeff Carroll is also the author of the non-fiction book The Hip Hop Dating Guide.  When he is not writing Sci-fi stories he enjoys speaking on Healthy Dating to college and high school students everywhere and goes by Yo Jeff.  He writes out of South Florida where he lives with his wife and youngest son.

Jeff Carroll BLOGS:
Hip Hop Comix N Flix http://hhcnf.blogspot.com/ 

Juan Navarro

Writer/Artist/Comedian working out of Miami, Florida, for the last 20+ years making Art, Comics, and more.

Find his work on FWACATA.com and @fwacata

Kayla Easton

Kayla Easton is a South Florida sewist with a passion for anime, video games, cats, and all things fabric and costuming. With a background in technical theater, and a passionate, nerdy, personality, sewing fit perfectly into her lifestyle.

Kayla will share her knowledge and passion at Beyond Comicon. Ensure to check out her Panel: “So you want to sew? Guidance on your first steps into the world of textile creation.”

Instagram: treasuresnoire

Tiktok: treasuresnoire

YoutTube: https://www.youtube.com/@treasuresnoire2930

Kenny Calderon

A professional Artist, Illustrator & Designer.
He is the owner/founder of Wild Inx Studioz, LLC. A native New Yorker from Far Rockaway Queens, NY. A versatile and self-taught artist, Kenny has accumulated

several credits to his name. Kenny has worked with indie publishers Creature Entertainment, Fantasy authors Cathalson and V.B. Kennedy, designed merch
and art for Foolie Parkway Treason Specials clothing brands to name a few.

He’s also been in partnership with Upper Deck Trading Cards drawing sketch cards licensed under Marvel Comics and teaches Comic & Cartoon art at The Art Shack in Doral, FL. An avid comic book, manga & anime fan, Kenny and his Wild Inx crew showcase many of the comic and anime conventions all over the east coast and Puerto Rico.

He can be contacted via email or social media.
Facebook: Wild Inx Studioz
e: info.wildinx@gnail.com wwww.wildinx.com

Moon Light’s Brush

After discovering my fondness for art during the pandemic, Moon Light’s Brush was created just a year after; rooted in my love for creating, and my enjoyment of anime, cartoons, comics, and movies.
I specialize in making hand sculpted and hand painted clay ashtrays, incense holders and trinket dishes, along with occasional acrylic paintings and prints.
Instagram: @MoonLightsBrush

Nerds Know

A premiere panel and entertainment group bringing quality programming to conventions across North America.

Cos Box

Who hasn’t been in the dreaded costume crunch? Just a week until the con and you have to finish your latest costume! Well this competition takes con crunch to the next level! You will be given just 45 minutes to construct a costume for our panel of judges during your best runway walk. The catch? You can only use the random materials provided in our Cos Box! That’s right! You can only use the random scraps of fabric, wrapping paper, and other random things in the box! However, since we are feeling nice, scissors, tape, and staplers will be provided. That is all you’re getting from us! Contestants can work in groups or alone, but the more the merrier! Fantastic prize packages will be awarded to First, Second,
and Third place. So bring your creativity and create the best con crunch costumes ever!

Instagram: nerdsknow
Facebook: nerds.know
Twitter: nerds_know


What Makes My Shop Special….
Here at Oktayo, I value the time it takes to make each individual piece by hand.
Each one is made with a clear intention and inspired by my favorite anime/manga series.

This shop was created to provide a creative outlet for me, as well as provide other like-minded anime-lovers distinctive, hand-crafted products!


Instagram: oktayo.animeshop
Website: www.oktayo.com

Only Ducks

Michelle has been making ducks since 2007 but Only Ducks, LLC has been a full-fledged company since 2009. She is a seasoned entrepreneur and creator in the comic book convention scene. Even though rubber ducks are her specialty, she is also known for hand making hats in various shapes and sizes and other creations.
Facebook @OnlyDucks
Instagram @onlyducksoxm


Orange State Ghostbusters

The Orange State Ghostbusters are a non-profit fan costuming club. We are a registered Ghost Corps franchise. We not only have everything needed on hand for any spectral encounter, but have a photo ops area and a slime lab for Ghostbusters in training!
Facebook: osghostbusters
Instagram: osghostbusters

Purplette Pixiie

Creative fan art creator of pins, stickers, prints, charms and accessories.
Instagram: purplettepixiie

Paper Lab Studios

Paper Lab Studios is a power couple consisting of Mervyn McKoy and Nicki McKoy who specialize in custom artwork on demand and regularly attend out-of-state conventions such as New York Comic Con, Fan Expo Dallas, and GalaxyCon Raleigh.  While both are classically trained illustrators who have Bachelor Degrees in Fine Arts, Mervyn is known for his storytelling in comics such as ‘The C-Listers’ and ‘Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew’ (or GRWMC for short) whereas Nicole is known for her award-winning costumes and Japanese-inspired fashions.  More examples of their work can be found on www.paperlabstudios.com

Ray of Light Art

LOXLEY STEWART, originally a native of Jamaica, Came to the U.S. in 1994. It was then and there he became influenced by elements of poetry, hip hop music, anime,  and art.

His journey in art began in 2007 with his medium choice, acrylic paints..  Influences of his early work would include Hip hop, Jazz, and Anime pop Culture.. 2-3 years into his journey of Art, he Stumbled on a technique which he believes to be his own. He has Dubbed this Technique Ray of Light Art.. it allows for certain aspects of a painting to change when illuminated with normal light, or for the painting itself to be changed in its entirety.

He has spent over a Decade crafting this technique and growing its capabilities, with the Hopes of pioneering this craft and sharing it with the world. When his paintings light up, so will your Expression..

Rob Reep

An illustrator and broadcast graphic designer. His artwork has been featured at many comic conventions across the country and pop culture shirt design sites.

His work has been published in the Monsa Publications books, Stranger Things Tribute, and Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime. He is a huge fan of sci-fi, comic book superheroes, music, and pop culture. All of these worlds often collide in his illustrations and designs.

Website: robreep.com

Rose & Co. Jewelry

Rose & Co. Jewelry was created for anyone who wants to represent their favorite characters through subtle fandom-inspired jewelry. With various designs inspired by Harry Potter, Marvel, Anime and Genshin Impact, you’ll be sure to find some jewelry that catches your eye!

Website: www.roseandcojewelry.etsy.com

Instagram: roseandcojewelry

TikTok: roseandcojewelry

Facebook: roseandcojewelry

Streeter Design Studio

Patricia Streeter is a native New Yorker. Unable to focus in college, she dropped out and got a job. Corporate America was not a fit. So, she pivoted her focus and moved downtown. Soho, NY emerged as an innovative art gallery and fashion community. Soho allowed for the development Industrial sized retail spaces. Pat became involved in the development of one such venture… Le Grande Hotel and Tales of Hoffman was one of first apparel boutiques to open. It was Black owned. Jackie Lewis offered young American designers an audience. Each summer we closed for two months to travel and renew our offerings. Pat used that time to travel and study the art of jewelry making. Retiring to South Florida she continues to study. Teaching others to make beaded jewelry is her joy.

Facebook: streeterdesignstudio

Tiny Tiny Crafts

Tiny Tiny Crafts is a new artist who loves to make cute merch for the anime/gaming community.

Digitizer and Embroidery Artist – Making all your favorite characters wearable as embroidered apparel. Pre-made designs and customs available.

Resin Artist – Resin Keychains, pop sockets and more.
Digital Artist – Stickers, prints, accessories, cups and many more!
Tik Tok – tinytiny_crafts
Instagram – tinytiny_crafts


A young illustrator and manga artist that focuses on fanart and fan made merch of popular series and pop culture. They enjoy adding a fun twist to their work with vibrate colors and a whole ton of stickers!

Wearable Zen

Designing Jewelry for 25+ years…Steampunk inspired/themed pocket watches, beaded necklaces and whimsical one of a kind handmade treasures.

Instagram: wearablezen

Facebook: wearablezen

Zebro Tales

Zebro Tales is a new digital artist joining conventions in Florida.

Zebro Tales creates comics and arts based on anime, cartoons and their own characters. They also have stickers based on Anime/Cartoon Characters.

Contact them by messaging them

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/zebro._.tales/