Making Comics

A dynamic Q&A where we get to the nitty-gritty about making comics, be it a beginner or advanced. If you just have an idea, to your ready to go to print, we want to sit down and demystify the whole process to make your comic book dream happen now! We start with some introductions and get to Questions to see what we can do for you. Come ready to ask questions, take notes, and launch that comic book enterprise!

New York Film Academy South Beach

Crafting Compelling Characters: Techniques for Creating Characters We Love (or Love to Hate)

In this workshop, we will dive deep into the art of character creation, exploring the key elements that make a character truly compelling.

We will learn how to create characters that are relatable, believable, and above all, make people care about their journey.

Whether you’re writing a comic, a novel, a screenplay, or a short story, you’ll come away with practical techniques for crafting characters that will keep your audience engaged.

This workshop is perfect for writers of all levels and genres, who want to take their character development to the next level.


Nerds Know

Nerds Know
A premiere panel and entertainment group bringing quality programming to conventions across North America.

Cos Box

Who hasn’t been in the dreaded costume crunch? Just a week until the con and you have to finish your latest costume! Well this competition takes con crunch to the next level! You will be given just 45 minutes to construct a costume for our panel of judges during your best runway walk. The catch? You can only use the
random materials provided in our Cos Box! That’s right! You can only use the random scraps of fabric, wrapping paper, and other random things in the box! However, since we are feeling nice, scissors, tape, and staplers will be provided. That is all you’re getting from us! Contestants can work in groups or alone, but the more the merrier! Fantastic prize packages will be awarded to First, Second,
and Third place. So bring your creativity and create the best con crunch costumes ever!
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Facebook: nerds.know
Twitter: nerds_know

So you want to sew?

Kayla Easton is a South Florida sewist with a passion for anime, video games, cats, and all things fabric and costuming. With a background in technical theater, and a passionate, nerdy, personality, sewing fit perfectly into her lifestyle.

Kayla will share her knowledge and passion at Beyond Comicon. Ensure to check out her Panel: “So you want to sew? Guidance on your first steps into the world of textile creation.”

Instagram: treasuresnoire

Tiktok: treasuresnoire


The Monster Panel

The Monster panel is a panel of writers and creators discussing hot subjects in the world of comic books and science fiction. Produced and moderated by Jeff Carroll writer and filmmaker.

The Monster Panel is traveling sci-fi panel which has the energy of a Hip Hop event. It is a fun, entertaining and informative panel of Science Fiction creators who discuss the stories behind the big happenings in the world of Sci-fi. Television, movies, comics, video games and books will be a part of the conversation. It has been held at comic cons, book fairs and libraries.

Facebook: themonsterpanel